I love to travel, but I hate to leave my cats at home. If it weren't for Rhonda. I would constantly worry on vacation. I can't say how much I appreciate the amazing care Rhonda displays for my children (cats). I am always surprised at the detail of the notes she leaves and how it makes me feel at ease and thankful that I have found someone I trust to babysit. In her notes, she shows her knowledge of my animal's quirks and personalities and it confirms her attention to detail and love of animals. My cats tell me, in their own way, how much they appreciate Rhonda by not puking, peeing or meowing for hours after I get home. I highly recommend Rhonda as a cat sitter to anyone looking for a loving sitter and worry free travel.


I like lot of attention. And, now that I am diabetic, I have to get shots twice a day. Rhonda pets me and gives me lots of love and attention, so I let her give me my shots. Mom was very relieved to find Rhonda, because not all sitters can give me shots. I am happy when Rhonda comes to feed and play with me.


My name is Harrison. I am a happy, energetic, 6 year old Golden Retriever. My neighbors know me by name because I love people and am a big puppy at heart.

I previously was stressed out and depressed when my parents had to travel. No fun at all! My parents couldn't fully enjoy their vacations because they worried about me so much. Now that Rhonda comes, to take care of me, we are all happier and relaxed during travel time. She is very attentive to my health and happiness and we are great friends.

While my folks are away, Rhonda comes by 3 times a day. We go for nice walks, enjoy lots of play time in the backyard and have many cuddles on the couch (my favorite pass time after walking and playing). If my folks are gone more than a few days, Rhonda sleeps over with me. That's quite the party, if I do say so myself. No wonder my folks think I probably haven't missed them at all when they return.


My name is Chewy, but my parents  call me "Bubble Dog" because I am allergic to everything and need to live in a bubble.

I wouldn't be here today if my parents had not found Rhonda to help take care of me and make sure that I get my medicine three times each day.  I get so excited when I hear that Rhonda is coming.  Now my parents can go away for vacation and know that I will get my special care.  I couldn't ask for a better friend to feed and play with me.  Rhonda gives me treats and I have a special love time with her by my bed.  Sometimes I let my sister Leia play with her too.


Hi, my name is China. I want to tell you about Larry, my pet sitter. He takes care of me when my parents are out of town. He loves to play with me, even though I sometimes have a grumpy Siamese personality, and I love him. He will love and play with your pets to.


Rhonda is the best friend I ever had. I was a blood doner kitty at an emergency animal hospital for about 2 years. Rhonda tells me that I helped save a lot of other kitties lives. When I was ready for adoption at the hospital, no one wanted to adopt me and I was really scared. Then, Rhonda found a home for me and she took me to my new home in Mesa, Arizona on an airplane at her own expense. She has a beautiful heart and loves all pets. My name is Zahira, you can ask my parents about Rhonda.


Larry, my pet sitter, is my best friend when my parents are out of town. I’m a special needs kid, and if I don’t get my Phenobarbital every morning and evening I will have bad seizures. Marcy makes sure that I get my medication on time each and every day. She also loves to run and play with Phoebe, my sister and me. She takes really good care of us and she will take good care of your little guys too. My name is Buddy.


My name is Ebby. Rhonda was the first person we saw when our eyes first opened. At first, we were scared because we never saw a human being before. She talked really sweet and petted all 7 of us, then we knew we were OK. She took care of us when our parents were out of town. We really loved her and our mother loved her too. She will take good care of your little critters too.