Why in home pet sitting?

When leaving home for a much needed vacation or business trip, do you have a difficult time deciding where to leave your pet children?

Today, you have the opportunity to select a psychologically acceptable and reliable alternative to leaving your beloved pets in a boarding kennel. You can avoid leaving your pet in a small cage or run that has the appearance of a pet jail. In addition, in the kennel, your pet may come into contact with other animal's parasites and illness.

Also, may of us have given the responsibility of visiting, feeding and walking our pets to our friends and relatives. However, in many cases, we have experienced concerns about doors being left open, water and food bowls not being cleaned daily, enough loving play, walking time, etc.

Professional pet sitters will visit or stay overnight with your cats, dogs, birds and small caged animals in their home environment. Your pets are not only protected from contacting an illness in the boarding kennel, but they are much happier in their own home environment. 

Most boarding kennels feed generic food, and unless you bring your pet's special food, they will experience a change of diet. The professional sitter walks your dog individually or in small groups in the familiarity of their own neighborhoods. Your pets will not experience the psychological trauma of being left in an unfamiliar location.

Almost all professional sitters, like our There 4 U Sitters, are bonded and insured, providing you with the security of opening your home to an honest, reliable and responsdible person. Additional activity, in and around your home, also provides more home secuirty. Professional sitters usually pick up your mail and newspapers, provide drape and lighting adjustments and water your indoor plants. It is very important that your pet sitter provide everyday telephone and e-mail access so you can contact them at any time to check on the well being of your pets.

For special needs pets, your sitter should be qualified to administer medications and give shots as needed on schedule. Some pet sitters, like There 4 U Pet Sitters, have qualified professional Vet Tech Sitters that provide this service as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Before you select a pet sitter, you should have a get acquainted visit with the sitter in your home. At this time, you can observe the interaction of your pets with the sitter and determine that they can accommodate the needs of your pets. Check out a local professional pet sitter, if you decide on an in home sitter, we know you and your pets will benefit from your decision.


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